Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By registering on the website, the person or persons agree to the Terms and Conditions of socvestpredictor.com as listed below:

1. Socvestpredictor.com reserves the right to change, add, or remove terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to the users. If there is any modification to or in the terms and conditions, present subscribers only shall be notified through their email addresses submitted during the registration process. In the event of any such modification, continued use of the service will mean consent to the new terms and conditions. If a subscriber chooses to discontinue usage of the services rendered as a result of modifications to terms and conditions, such a subscriber must notify socvestpredictor.com of such through the admin email provided on the site.

2. Filling and submission of the Sign Up form is consent by subscribers to have their personal processed by socvestpredictor.com. The company reserves the rights to terminate a subscriber’s subscription, without refund of the subscription fee, when it discovers that information submitted at registration were deliberately erroneous and misleading.

3. The website shall use subscribers’ personal data strictly for the purpose specified by law and in the Terms and Conditions.

4. Collected personal data shall be processed and stored electronically and on paper. Computer programs and configurations installed are protected by the respective methods and means.

5. Personal data may be processed with objectives of delivering services and obtaining statistics.

6. In case of complaints about perceived misuse of personal data, a user may notify, in writing, the site administrator about perceived grievance(s) via the provided official email.

7. The company shall not change personal data of its users; or reveal same to third parties except in the following cases or situations:

I. That there is an explicit consent from the user

II. That the information or data is made available to employees of subcontractors of the company for the purpose of enhancement of services provided by Socvestpredictor.com as well as enforcement.

III. Information is required by law enforcement agents or public authorities for security purposes.

IV. The administrator is required by law to provide personal data

8. The user or subscriber provides, at his/her own expense, computer configuration, operating system, and internet access. The user also provides at his/her own expense GSM mobile phone, SIM card and network connectivity with a reputable and licensed operator. Scovestpredictor.com is not responsible for failure to use its services by subscribers because of reasons such as these.

9. Socvestpredictor.com reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to its services to users who have deliberately violated the terms and conditions for the provision of such services.

10. Socvestpredictor.com shall provide predictions on the same day as the day matches are to be played. Each prediction provided shall be accompanied with instructions on percentage money of the total investment money to be wagered. It shall bear no responsibility for users’ failure to comply with the instructions.

11. Every subscriber is expected to earn a minimum of 40% profit at the end of the 30 days subscriptions plan. If the 40% profit is not achieved within the 30 days period, socvestpredictor.com reserves the right to extend the subscription period by a maximum of 10 days; totaling 40 days. And if at the end the 40 days the expected 40% profit is not achieved, the socvestpredictor.com will only be liable for refund of the subscription fee.

12. The provision of the predictions service must not be interpreted as intended to incite any user to bet on football games or participate in any gambling activities in any country.

13. Payment of cost of service is not gambling under the law on gambling in any country.

14. Users are not expected to give their access credentials (i.e. usernames, email addresses, and passwords) to third parties. These are personal to the user and a subscription fee is charged on the subscriber for the service. Socvestpredictor.com shall not be responsible for any illegal access that was carried out using a user’s login credentials.

15. In the event of a reported case of loss of login credentials, such a user account shall be blocked until the matter is resolved. Hence, users are expected to keep their email accounts active, current, and secured; as it will be most used means of communication by the socvestoredictor.com team.

16. All content on the socvestpredictor.com website is the exclusive property of the socvestpredictor.com team. Any use by third parties is allowed only within the law and after prior written request for permission and the attendant consent from socvestpredictor.com through its authorized representative or the copyright holder.